American Delegation Visits Ahlat


Bitlis (Reuters) – Bitlis Mayor met with a delegation from the United States of America who visited Ahlat, Turkey to discuss the feasibility of generating energy from municipal solid waste collected from Bitlis and surrounding areas.

The members of the delegation from Clark Technology of the United States (US), Mr. Ronald Sleight, Dr. Kazem Oskoui, and Mr. Vladimir V. Scheglowski accompanied Ahlat Governor Bülent Tekbıyıkoğl and Mayor A. Mumtaz Coban, for a tour of the Seljuk Cemetery in the town.

The delegation was impressed and surprised by the tombstone monuments at the burial grounds.

Tekbıyıkoğlu the Governor stated that this is a unique and versatile solid waste treatment facility system which is being proposed as the first of its kind in Europe.

Tekbıyıkoğlu “At the moment preliminary talks are currently being conducted. If this results in becoming a project, it will be an example project in Turkey. At the same time, this project will also provide energy.” he said.

The Mayor Çoban said this facility will convert all solid waste collected from the area of the Solid Waste Association of Bitlis, and surrounding areas to generate energy.

Mr. Çoban, “The officials of the US Company, who want to be business partners in this venture, are currently in discussion with the Mayors of the BI-KA member municipalities. During this period, they are guests of our Governor and are visiting the historical places of the district and other cultural places.”