About Us

Clark Technology is in the business of developing and/or utilizing technologies and innovative solutions that improve our environment and people’s health and quality of life specifically in creating sustainable economic engine and thrive-able communities.

These economical advances need not be achieved at the expense of the environment or health of the community and its members, rather, they can improve both. Stewardship for environmental and health matters do generate economic engines that not only create jobs but can sustain them.

It is our vision that technology solutions exist in the framework of engineering and science and resolve many global environmental and health issues. These issues and challenges include municipal solid wastes, municipal wastewater, industrial and other waste streams, environmental contaminants, energy shortage (short and long-term), fossil fuel control and energy crisis, global warming, health issues associated with landfills, incomplete wastewater treatment, chemical and toxin emission, and many other man and nature-made issues.

While we cannot address all environmental and health matters, Clark Technology is committed to providing solutions for a few or the most prevalent.