Integrated Waste Management and Renewable Energy Conversion System

The cutting-edge Integrated Waste Management and CWTI Process waste-to-energy conversion technology developed by Clark, Clearwater Technologies, and Evergreen Energy brings 21st century solutions to meet the challenges of a growing population and the environmental issues associated with that growth. The Clark-CWTI-Evergreen Integrated Waste Management and Renewable Energy Conversion System (IWECS) converts organic solid and liquid waste to energy, organic fertilizer and clean water. IWECS not only provides an efficient means of reducing the volume of municipal solid wastes (MSW) and sewage but converts it into valuable by-products – biogas or green electric power, organic fertilizer, and clean water. With the IWECS conversion process, waste storage issues and associated air and water pollution as well as the sizable capital and operating costs associated with construction and operation of traditional landfills and wastewater treatment plants, are significantly reduced.  Empowered by state-of-the-art technologies and protected by several patents, Clark-CWTI-Evergreen IWECS is the best in its class. It converts over 92% of organic biomass into highly methane-enriched biogas.  It is the only non-chemical process that can effectively destroy wood lignin and reduce it into methane-rich biogas.

  • Convert waste liabilities to assets, improving the bottom line.
  • Become a net energy producer.
  • Optimize processes.
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  • Build a value engine.
  • Improve company/community assets.
  • Avoid tipping fees.
  • Significantly reduce the need for landfills and wastewater treatment facilities by combining them into one.
  • Obtain carbon credits.
  • Expand environmental stewardship – IWECS creates an economically viable fertilizer by-product and clean water without chemical treatment.
  • Set an example to other industries and communities.

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