Municipal Wastewater Treatment Projects

Country Village – Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA Capacity: 20,000 GPD Operating since: Scheduled start-up in November 2017 Input Materials: Sewage Special Features: Pre-manufactured treatment skid; Remote monitoring Delivered Product: LeachBuster® Technology, including screening, tanks, and pumps.

Maragheh – Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: City of Maragheh, East Azerbaijan Capacity: 10 .6 MGD Operating since: 2005 Input Materials: Sewage Special Features: Provided a treatment system for a 100,000-person city, continues to meet BOD, TSS levels < 10mg/l Delivered Product: ABJ Sequencing Batch Reactor, including Screening, SBR Tanks, Chlorination

Kandiyohi County – Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant

Location: Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, USA Capacity: 20,000 GPD In Operation Since: Engineering and construction completed 2015 Input Materials: Landfill Leachate Special Features: Produces effluent that meets the National Drinking Water Standard Delivered Product: LeachBusterTM Technology, including screening, tanks, and pumps

Azerbaijan Armed Forces – Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Country of Azerbaijan Capacity: 2 Units at 105,000 GPD, 1 Unit at 66,000 GPD Operating since: 2011 Input Materials: Sewage Special Features: Provided for a 5,000 person brigade, effluent used for irrigation during growing season and discharged into river during winter. Delivered Product: Continuous Flow Cyclic Activated Sludge System (CFCAS) Reactor


Mercer Waste-to-Energy Plant

Location: Mercer, WI Capacity: 8000 cubic feet per day of biogas through anaerobic digestion Operating since: 2008 Input Materials: Aspen wood and human waste Special Features: Natural gas production from hard cellulose Delivered Product: Design of the process in a lab, then total engineering, procurement and construction

Leeuwarden Biogas Retrofit Plant

Location: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands Capacity: Generate 5.32 million kWh/yr of green power and produce 4.1 million Nm3/yr of purified and compressed biogas to the utility pipeline. Operating since: Scheduled start-up in October 2015. Input Materials: Cattle manure, woody wastes, and grasses. Special Features: Anaerobic Digestion technology provided according to patented Hogen® process. Partially funded by FSFE. Delivered Product: Feasibility study, total engineering, intake and offtake agreements, procurement and construction.

Biogas Kootstertille – Gas to Grid (Biomass AD)

Location: Kootstertille, the Netherlands Capacity: SDE 1.250 Nm3/hr : 8,000,000 Nm3/yr : 75,000 tons biomass/yr. Operating since: Scheduled start-up in Q2 2016. Input Materials: Cattle manure, grass, and wood chips. Special Features: Anaerobic Digestion technology provided according to patented Hogen® process. CO2 credits payable over twelve years will be the highest in the Netherlands. Delivered Product: Engineering package for permit and SDE applications; permits and SDE awarded. Project owner is waiting for financing.

Water Treatment

Azerbaijan Potable Water Treatment

Location: 67 Villages across Azerbaijan Capacity: Varied from 5,000 GPD to 80,000 GPD Population: Varied from 250 to 3,000 people per village In Operation Since: 2009 Input Materials: Kur and Aras Rivers Special Features: Rivers contained high turbidity, bacterial, and chemical contamination. Projects all completed within 9 months of contract execution. Delivered Product: Micro filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, and reverse osmosis systems.