Strategic Partners

Evergreen Energy Inc.

Evergreen Energy Inc. was created in 2008 and is headquartered in Mercer, WI. Evergreen personnel have more than 30 years of engineering and process development experience. For years, Evergreen has conducted lab and field testing on new methods to improve the efficiency of an old, non-improving technology called anaerobic digestion.

Evergreen Energy has identified major system improvements that have allowed for an efficiency increase of nearly double the typical process. Since the technology was first implemented and proven, they have partnered with several companies to help move this improved technology from research and development, to marketing, to construction of plants. Evergreen Energy is currently at some level of marketing, feasibility study, engineering or construction in Europe (Holland), Africa (Senegal, Nigeria), South America (Peru), Mexico, and the United States. With more than a decade of experience in anaerobic digestion, Evergreen Energy Inc. has constructed and operated a commercial scale waste-to-energy plant in northern Wisconsin, USA. This plant has successfully converted wood waste, human wastewater (septage), municipal solid waste (MSW – garbage), and cow manure into natural gas.

Clearwater Technologies Inc.

Broadly, Clear Water Technologies, Inc. (CWTI) alters the bacterial and fungal ecology of an anaerobic digester by adding proprietary naturally living bacteria and patented catalyst as a terminal electron acceptor for one or more of the bacteria. These compounds significantly alter the pathways of the fermentation process and increase the production of useful products such as methane. As a result, the microbes in our patented and proprietary consortium significantly increase the efficiency of the breakdown (hydrolysis) of organic compounds. Other members of the consortium assist in turning these intermediate products into useful bio-fuels.

This bio-mediated enhancement process, referred to as the “Hogen Process®” (named after Del Hogen, the founder of CWTI), when added to the Evergreen Energy process, creates a robust Integrated Waste-to-Energy Conversion System that we claim is the best in its class and second to none in converting organic matters, including hard cellulose such as wood lignin, into methane-rich biogas.

Universal Energy Solutions (UES)

A Robust and Game-Changing Bio-Energy Technology for Converting Waste to Biogas Fuel and Green Power through a Patented Process.

UES develops, owns, and operates biogas facilities backed by offtake agreements and public guarantees and subsidies for renewable energy. High methane content biogas fuels are derived from agricultural and urban organic wastes. Green electricity, green gas, and green liquid CO2 are being produced and brought to the market by pipeline, the electricity grid and by trucks. Green CO2 is delivered to greenhouses by truck. The digestate is being converted to a rich organic fertilizer and sold to the agricultural markets. The value UES creates includes CO2 credits, waste reduction, tipping fee, avoiding air and water pollution, and reducing carbon footprint while creating jobs and local sustainable economic development. UES has partnered with the developer of an advanced “best-in-class” biogas technology that does not require use of expensive co-products (e.g. fats and sugars) to boost biogas yields. The process uses a patented bio-catalyst to break down carbon-bearing cellulose to increase output which is double or more the output of conventional technologies. This proven process has reduced the digestion time to 10-15 days depending on feedstock which reduces the size and cost of the plant. The process also converts 90% or more of the organic solids into a methane-rich biogas with less than 35% CO2 production. Moreover, it is the first anaerobic digestion process in the world to convert hard wood cellulose to methane. UES is headquartered in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and boasts projects throughout the Netherlands and Europe.


Adverio was founded in 2011 by its current directors, Rinus Rinia and Wim Vrieling, to offer their extensive expertise in developing, designing, building and operating of renewable energy and water treatment projects to customers around the world.  Today, Adverio employs three full time engineers and project managers, and has a broad network of partners and experts to offer a complete service to its customers, ranging from first idea to commissioning of facilities. With a primary focus on methanization and ethanol production from biodegradable materials, Adverio has built or helped developing and building more than 35 projects, ranging in size from 340kW to 5.4MW in locations such as the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Middle East, Indonesia, and China. The experience of Mr. Vrieling and Mr. Rinia, together with their network of specialists, guarantees practical solutions that contribute to the environmental goals of a company.

Clark Engineering

For nearly 80 years, Clark Engineering has provided professional services in a wide variety of markets. As a multi-discipline firm, Clark Engineering’s services include structural and civil engineering, land surveying, forensic engineering, restoration, emergency response, GIS mapping, environmental services, landscape architecture, project management, and resource recovery and renewable energy. Clark Engineering is dedicated to serving its clients through vision, strategies, and results. Clark’s engineering professionals are registered in 46 states and three Canadian provinces. They provide professional services throughout the United States and internationally from their headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and locations in Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, and Watertown, South Dakota.