Biogas Leeuwarden Celebrates Grand Opening

Minneapolis, MN – July 11, 2016: On July 11, 2016, Clark Engineering and its project partners celebrated the grand opening of Biogas Leeuwarden at the Dairy Campus of Wageningen University and Research Center (WUR) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. U.S. News & World Report ranked WUR the No. 1 agricultural university in the world.View the open house video here.

Until two to three years ago, the anaerobic digester at the campus yielded biogas for heating the Leeuwarden neighborhood of Techum. Now it will be revived and restored with a promising American technology developed through a joint venture of Minnesota and Wisconsin technology and engineering companies, including Clark Technology, Clark Engineering, Evergreen Energy, and Clear Water Technologies. Implementation of the technology into practice at WUR was accomplished by a joint venture of American and Dutch companies. The six million euro project received partial funding from the Fûns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy (the Friesland State Clean Energy Fund). Oosterhof Holman bioEnergy implemented the new design retrofitted the existing biogas plant within a very short timeframe. The results: higher energy yields at lower cost.

Director and chief project manager Wim Vrieling stated, “Biogas Leeuwarden is truly a cradle to grave approach: sustainable, green, and focused on reuse without loss of quality, with a closed cycle in unison with the movement of our world.”

Promising for the Netherlands

Biogas production in the Netherlands is much more established than in the United States; nonetheless, Clear Water Technologies, Evergreen Energy, and Clark Technology developed a new patented and state-of-the-art technology that shows innovative promises in efficiency of waste-to-energy conversion. In Leeuwarden, this new technology will allow high-efficiency conversion of grass, woody materials, and manure into biogas and clean energy. This will save municipalities on significant green space maintenance and waste disposal costs. In addition, the cost of biogas production will be significantly reduced since the waste materials are transported to the plant for a tipping fee or no cost. In the long run, improved fertilizer quality, a by-product of the plant, will benefit agriculture in the region, while consumers will receive sustainably produced energy. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

About Biogas Leeuwarden

Biogas Leeuwarden is an initiative of Evergreen Energy, Clark Technology, Clark Engineering, and Universal Energy Solutions. Partners are the Dairy Campus, Oosterhof Holman, Ekwadraat, and Adverio Engineering. The development was partly made possible by the Friesland Clean Energy Fund and the Dutch National Green Fund. Clark Technology is a stakeholder in the Leeuwarden facility as well. Visit for more information on this initiative.

About Clark Engineering and Clark Technology

Clark Engineering and Clark Technology are Minnesota companies in the business of innovating new technologies to better our environment and our lives by creating sustainable economic engines through the use of waste-to-energy conversion and clean water technologies developed in Minnesota.